About the Academy

Akashic Light Academy is a modern day mystery school.

We offer courses, and healing sessions ( 1-1 over Zoom or in groups, over Zoom) to empower those who have begun to open to Spirit, and who are seeking a grounded approach to nurturing their Light, becoming in tune with their own wisdom, and inner compass so that they can evolve and transform.

We access the Akashic Records, to enter a realm of deep healing, retrieve records of past lives, people and situations and karma, that often ripples its way into this lifetime. We do this to understand the root cause of many of our beliefs, emotions, are tied into our world view, and our mindset, creating a set of rules that may create cycles of karma and pain. Many of these beliefs and emotions, karma, trauma and pain also stem from past lives, other dimensions and realities. Just like the past affecting the present as it affects the future, we will learn to unravel the present issues, to resolve the underlying ones, with the assistance of the Akashic & Ascended Masters, our Guides, across timelines, and dimensions.

How empowering this is!

The courses taught offer a diverse base for students to understand themselves, understand spirituality, to understand how energy works, and provide energetic tools to release and transmute the emotions, release the karma that together, create our unique Personality. Students can also learn to free the energies trapped in their own physical body and that of others, and the proper meditation techniques to shorten the path of personal spiritual evolution.

These tools and methods are the same ones Tarra,the founder, has used on herself, developed and taught students and clients alike. The motto of the school, "Heal the Personality", first and foremost, so that we may "Awaken the Soul" is built on these principles, and teachings of integrity, self examination, acceptance and meditation. This creates the space as Tarra puts it, " to stop, reflect, before simply reacting, and this begins the path of self awareness".

Each course is part of the healing journey; the pillars of knowledge required to form the foundation of a sacred healing practice; an all rounded education in the mysteries, having the confidence and the strong connection to Source, whether you choose to become a practitioner or to support your loved ones around you.

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