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About the Academy

Akashic Light Academy is a modern day mystery school. We offer courses, and healing sessions ( 1-1 or in groups) to empower those who have begun to open to Spirit, and who are seeking a grounded approach to nurturing their Light, becoming in tune with their own wisdom, or inner compass so that they can evolve and transform.

We use the Akashic Records, to access a realm of deep healing, access records of past lives, people and situations and karma, that often ripples its way into this lifetime. We do this to understand the root cause of many of our beliefs, emotions, that affects our world views, our mindset. The past affects the present as it affects the future. And a way of unravelling the present issue is to resolve the underlying one.

The courses taught offer a complete set of 'tools', of the healing work that Tarra, the founder, uses daily for herself and for her clients as well. Each of the courses are part of the journey to equip yourself with necessary knowledge to form the foundation of a sacred healing practice, whether you choose to become a practitioner or to deepen your own understanding, we place emphasis on establishing a practice of inner work, meditation and awareness.

"Heal yourself first."


About the Founder

Tarra is the founder of the Akashic Light Academy.  

This is her focus, serving the community by teaching a method that is both empowering and comprehensive. This method is the sum of her lifes experiences and inner work, which she also employs to help her clients achieve amazing results.

She channeled the Akashic Light Sacred Prayer, to teach individuals, allowing a safe and efficient way to access their divine blueprint to find root causes of many life situations that are unconsciously being played out.  

For enquiries on collaboration and engagements, email Tarra here.

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