About the Founder


If you have just found us, let me share a little bit about myself and how the Akashic Light Academy came about.

Firstly, I am Chinese Singaporean, born and raised in sunny Singapore, and I still live 🇸🇬 here.

I love the smell of coffee ☕️, decorating spaces and traveling to explore nature. I live with my two fur babies named Magick and August. I’m obsessed with them and often wonder if I should add on one more.

I enjoy inspiring and helping others to be the best version of themselves. My 18 years of experience in energy work and teaching has led me to create a unique way of accessing higher dimensions as well as energetic commands that heal us on all levels quickly.

I also believe that inner work is the responsibility of the individual, where we can take back our power, connect with Source Light and bring confidence back into our steps and peace in our hearts and minds. We do all this with the assistance of the Akashic Masters and other Pure Light beings, of course! With this in mind and resonating powerfully in my heart,I set up the Akashic Light Academy to nurture and guide spiritual seekers, and to raise the standard of practitioners and teachers within the community.

Join me for a free meditation here. And I hope to see you at the Akashic Light Academy in class!

Let's Heal the Personality and Awaken the Soul, together. 🙌🏼



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tarrahtae/