Teacher Training Retreat: Akashic Records Immersion

80hr Akashic Records Teacher Training Immersion
With founder of the Akashic Light Academy

Pre-requisite: Akashic Records. Practitioner Course


Dates: 10-19 April 2020
Time: 10am-6pm

Venue: Singapore

Early Bird till 29th February 2020: SGD$2995

Regular Fees: SGD$3,450

Deepen your knowledge as a practitioner.

Be an Akashic Records Teacher.

Spread the Light.


Dive into all that is in the Akashic Records, to learn and apply powerful techniques and methods to yourself and others around you.

Learn the Akashic Light Academy’s unique teaching methodology and syllabus to offer professionally & confidently offer courses and meditation sessions in the Akashic Records.

All techniques, meditations and sacred prayers taught in the Akashic Records Teacher Training Immersion Course are dual purpose; applicable for use on self and others.

Akashic Records Teacher Training Immersion is offered only once a year and must be attended in person.


Akashic Records Module

  • Akashic Light Sacred Prayer for Accessing the Akashic Records of Others, Groups, Spaces
  • Reading for Others
  • Reading for Groups
  • Reading for Spaces
  • Reading for Businesses and Projects
  • Teaching Method
  • Practicum: Paired & Group Practice

Clearings Activations Module

  • Learn and receive attunements for 50 New Akashic Light Clearings & Activations
  • How to attune Others to Akashic Light Clearings & Activations
  • Learn to run the Clearings & Activations for Groups
  • Advanced Techniques: Grouping & Stacking Clearings & Activations
  • Release Pain and Fear
  • Release Belief Systems
  • Teaching Method
  • Practicum: Paired & Group Practice

Advanced Esoteric Module

  • DNA Activation
  • Process of Soul Braiding
  • Understand & Activating Your Light Body
  • Unlocking Abundance Pathway

Meditation Module

  • Akashic Light Meditation- Theory & Practice
  • How to teach the Akashic Light Meditation
  • Paired & Group Practicum

Certificate will be awarded to participants who complete the full course hours.

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