Akashic Light Clearings & Activations

These 30 minute sessions are only available for clients who have gone through the Akashic Light Reading Session or the Akashic Light Karma Balancing with Tarra previously. These sessions are for existing clients to be able to receive additional clearings & activations, without the need for a reading.

Note: Akashic Light Clearings and Activations are not a substitute for what the Karma Balancing Sessions offer. Karma Balancing (4 sessions) is a complete and thorough over haul for the body, spirit and soul.

Activations and clearings are available for the following:

  • Disconnecting from the mass consciousness that include feelings of prolonged sadness, or the karma of pain and suffering that we may carry from a previous lifetime, or even the belief that we need to suffer, that money is bad, work has to be 'hard', learning has to be difficult, traumas of war, and other self sabotaging beliefs;
  • Releasing emotions and beliefs that cause blockages and this build up of stagnant energy can cause illness and physical pain;
  • Protection from other people's thoughts and emotions especially if you are sensitive;
  • Healing and integration of your soul fragments that were left in other lifetimes and the trauma of that fragmentation;
  • The release of anything you may be using as a substitute for love including food, material acquisition and hoarding, emotional dramas, or any distracting activities.
  • Release fears that keep you from stepping into your own power and feeling fully empowered. These include issues relating to family, society and cultural norms and rules. They may also include releasing the fear of speaking your truth as many were persecuted, crucified or murdered for the alignment with God in a previous lifetime;
  • Release the belief that other people's lives and emotions are more important than yours, helping you keep balance in your care of others vs. yourself;
  • Aligns you with the transformative energies of the planets and the upheaval associated with astrological changes a;
  • Remove and dissolve any access or control you may have given over to others at a soul level, and to restore your power and sovereignty;
  • Release the genetic, cultural and religious beliefs about being worthy, as well as ancestral programs making you feel 'less than' another person or unworthy especially with 'money'. For example, when interacting with someone who was brought up with more money and we feel 'inferior' to that person. It can also clear out programs of superiority for those who were brought up with money. When we release this prejudice around money, we are able to interact with people on equal footing and be truly abundant in our own lives;
  • And much more!

Duration: 30 minutes
Energy Exchange: $150

To book a session, use the button below, then contact us on +65 9777 3774 or by using the contact form to make an appointment. Sessions can be conducted via Skype or in-person.


I want to share with others how the Akashic Light Clearings and Activations have quickly restored my range of hearing especially for music. I am now able to hear notes and their distances which means so much to me as I enjoy music and play the piano. This was the main issue I was having but I also noticed that my intuition is now sharper, and more accurate. At times, I will get strong feelings about what will happen, and shortly after it does. Thank you again!


The Akashic Light Academy