Akashic Light Group Karma Balancing

Maximum 12 in a Group
Dates:4, 11, 18, 25 August 2020 (Tuesday evenings)
7:30pm - 8:45pm
: $360 for 4 sessions

Venue: Online on Zoom ( Live)

Audio recordings of the healing sessions will be provided to you within 24hrs of the session


or $120/mth
for 3 months

A 4- part group session to assist you to clear karma on every level. You will be taken into the Akashic Records as Tarra and the Lords of Karma facilitate the healing session.

Tarra will be working on each participant at each session, over Zoom.Please take note of the dates and time for each of these sessions, and it will be conducted Live on Zoom. The sessions will be recorded, in case you are unable to make it for any one of the sessions, the audio recordings will be made available to those in this group, within 24hrs of each session.



4 August
Session 1:
Balancing of One’s Personal Karma from past lives and present incarnation. Heals rips and tears in your aura, increases your intuition, release addictions and improves connection with the Divine.

11 August
Session 2
: Removal of Past + Present Life Curses, Black Magic, Hooks, Cords, Diseases and Trauma. Entity Removal

18 August
Session 3:
Ancestral/ Family Healing. Removing curses from lineage. Healing of Family DNA, Inherited Diseases, Reconstructing Ancestral Belief System

25 August
Session 4:
Calling Back of Soul Fragments, Power & Energy. Awakening of each chakra.


Benefits of Akashic Light Karma Balancing:

• Receive dispensations from the Lords of Karma to dissolve personal negative karma
• Heal and balance karma in your ancestral lineage
• Remove self-limiting beliefs from all sources
• Remove curses and energetic hooks
• Heal rips and tears in your aura
• Heal diseases of unknown origins or due to ancestral or corrupted DNA patterning
• Removal of negative influences
• Reclaim fragmented and stolen parts of your soul
• Increase your intuition
• Increase your ability to manifest
• Release emotions and beliefs that cause blockages in your energy flow
• Allows you to have greater control over your own energy
• Releases you from the pain and suffering of collective consciousness
• Release addictions

If you would prefer, private one on one Akashic Light Karma Balancing sessions are also available by clicking here.


Updated: 17th July 2020 on Instagram.

Many people have written to ask what’s the difference between karma balancing 1:1 and group karma balancing. So here goes:

🌟 Karma balancing 1:1

  • Private. Ask all the questions you want
  • We work on your personal issues that you wish to clear
  • Time slots are arranged in agreement between you and Tarra
  • Recordings/ Sessions are tailored to you
  • Package $928

🌟 Group Karma Balancing:

  • Group of 12
  • Karma Balancing done as a group, not specific to one person
  • Timing is fixed according to the set timing of 4, 11, 18, 25 August at 7.30pm
  • Recordings not dedicated to one person but the whole group
  • Lesser interaction and private time with the facilitator
  • Package $360

📌 Both the private and group sessions are just as effective. Both will be conducted via zoom, and participants have reported the efficacy of the healing. Both types of sessions will receive recordings of the healing sessions.

🤷🏽‍♀️ So which to choose?

If you have specific needs, personal issues that you want addressed, or if you have time constraints then 1:1 Karma Balancing Sessions would suit you better.

If you feel that Karma Balancing is something that you would like to gift yourself, but do not have any major issues that you want personal attention for, then opt for the Group Karma Balancing. There is significant savings on the Group package, and it is priced to make it as accessible to more people, so more can access this healing. However, you have to be comfortable with 11 other people present on the screen, with you.

Ultimately, choose the one you feel most comfortable with, and that meets your needs.


The Karma Balancing Sessions really made a change on me, and that’s why I wanted to share that experience with all of you. If I have to define what this session in few words, I would say that it’s kind of 'clearing your hard disk' to make it blank and then it is ready to fill it up with whatever you want again.

I always had hard times to meditate or to keep my mind relax and open to receive any message that angels would like to give me, but since that session, I am much more open and able to listen to them more easily. My sense of vision has also changed: now I see all colors brighter and depending of how I feel, I am more attracted to one color or another. I can see the aura’s colors more easily too, as before I couldn’t see them at all.

My relationship with my parents has improved a lot since then, and now, I am able to better understand their point of view, and so I can work on our relationship easier. But after the last session, there were moments where I felt lost as it took me some time to adapt myself at this new energy level. I can tell you that it was worth it to feel lost few days to reach this new stage I am now!

- Mapi Bosch Jordà