Akashic Light Online Ascension Program

Each session is 2 hours, once a month.

This 12 month online ascension program is open to everyone.

This course is focused on the ascension process and entails practices that will assist to prepare your 4 bodies to be cleansed and purified before light bodies can awaken and your DNA reset to 12 strands.

Through the trauma, pain and struggles experienced in past lives and this lifetime, our DNA gets corrupted and much of our divine abilities diminish. It is only though activating our light bodies through healing and restoration that we can truly live to our highest potential and radiate in pure light. This intricate process allows us to release dense energies stuck within us, clear karma and experience joy, contentment and a magical flow in life. It is also beneficial for all future lifetimes.

For those interested in this program, we will be starting in February 2020, please register your interest using the form below.

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