Ascension Program 2021

Online Classes held on Zoom

Starting Jan 2021- end Jan 2022

Early Bird till 7th December 2020: SGD$2,800

Regular Fees from 8th December 2020: SGD$3,300
Registration Closes: 31st Dec 2020



SGD$3300. 15% off till 7th Dec 2020

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Through the trauma, pain and struggles experienced in past lives and this lifetime, our DNA gets corrupted and much of our divine abilities diminish. It is only though activating our light bodies by healing and restoration that we can truly live to our highest potential and radiate in pure light. This intricate process allows us to release dense energies stuck within us, clear karma and experience joy, contentment and a magical flow in life. It is also beneficial for all future lifetimes.

Student Requirements:

This 13-month online ascension program is open to anyone who can meet the following student requirements.

  1. You must be dedicated to the practice and the homework required of you. You will need to make changes in your present lifestyle as students are required to embark on a vegetarian diet (consuming meat only 2-3 meals a week in the initial few months) to support the releasing and healing of the 4 bodies so as to enable a smooth process of awakening your 12 Strand DNA.

  2. You will also be required to set aside time on a daily basis for meditation and reflection.


  • We meet twice a month on Zoom.
  • Each call is 75mins – 180 mins Call schedule will be provided on 1st January 2021.
  • Attend program calls in person or listen to the replays. Attending live or listening to the replays allows one to receive the same amount of energy clearings and attunements. Replays will be posted up within 48 hours of the session.
  • This program is focused on the ascension process and entails practices that will assist to prepare your 4 bodies to be cleansed and purified as your strands of energetic DNA awaken.

Just some of the benefits of awakening our 12 strand DNA:

  • Deep knowing and understanding of the inner self
  • You become magnetic
  • Health will be restored
  • Stable emotions
  • Clear Clarity
  • Enhanced senses, intuition
  • Deeper connection with Divine Beings

You will receive:

  • 4 Day Vegetarian Nutrition Course conducted by Nutrition and Culinary Coach

  • Initiation into Ascension with the Masters of Light

  • Teachings from the Masters of Light

  • Attunement to connect to Ascended Masters and Archangels of Ascension

  • Identifying, Releasing, Healing of: Old Programming, Old Beliefs, Spiritual Pains, Mind Control

  • Deep Spiritual Karmic Balancing with the Lords of Karma

  • Understanding & Healing of the Personality to Awaken the Soul

  • Activation of Chakras to the Rays of God

  • Learn the Metatron Merkabah Meditation

  • Light Body Activation

  • 12 Strand DNA - strand by strand healing and activation

  • Notes for every session will be provided in PDF format

  • Optional: Egypt November 2021 - Sacred Retreat to receive initiations, energy upgrades (retreat fees will apply)

Ascension Program 13-months fees:

Early Bird: $2800 valid till December 7 2020

Regular Price: $3300 from December 8, 2020

Registration closes 31st Dec 2020


Note: Subjects taught may change according to group needs and as guidance from the Ascended Masters.