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Akashic Light Readings


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Once only accessible by sages, wise men, royalty and chosen ones, the Akashic records is now available to those who seek answers to the mysteries of the universe, past lives, their personal existence and evolution.

The Akashic Records is a library that contains sacred scripts written about every lifetime that your soul has journeyed. The Akashic scribes lovingly note down every one of your triumphs, challenges, and tasks undertaken. They record down contracts, vows and promises that you have made to yourself and others. It is also in this amazing realm that you can discover your highest soul essence and highest soul purpose. This is not a realm that we can perceive with our naked eye but only with our spiritual eyes, divine senses and an open heart, all of which, each and every one of us possess.

It is the realm where the Masters, Guides, Archangels and Angels reside. In each light being resides a reservoir of wisdom and unconditional love that we are allowed to tap into.

Having an Akashic Record reading allows you to sit in your own Akasha for the duration of the reading, which is very healing for you.

An Akashic Light Reading session can assist you with the following:

  • Gives you practical solutions to your life’s challenges
  • Advice on how to end vicious cycles of all nature
  • Shed light and answers on your soul’s purpose
  • NEW! Receive powerful energy clearing & activations to:
    • Accelerates personal growth
    • Clears blocks and fears
    • Attract the right soul mate
    • Releases anger & resentment
    • Increases manifesting abilities
    • Upgrade your DNA
    • Grounds & Connects you to Mother Earth
    • Amplifies psychic ability
    • Recharges your cells and increases your energy
    • Brings deep healing for your physical and emotional bodies
    • Helps you to move away from the past and into the Now
    • Removes deep rooted negative habits, beliefs and obsessions
    • and much more!!

Sessions can be held anywhere in the world, conducted via Zoom or in-person!

Each session goes for 60 mins.

I have regular (private) sessions with Tarra and she is guiding me through inner work. There are things that come up during the session that I have not been able to work through or see on my own. And I feel totally supported and empowered by the process, and being able to see for myself what's going on in my life and be able to work through it calmly and without being reactive or 'freaking out' about them. Through my sessions with Tarra, I have found that she is very accurate, and she is able to nail the root issue, and we can make progress from there. Her gift is her ability to break things down for me, which helps me make sense of it, in a very real way, without over simplifying it or making it out more than it is. It's like removing a veil. I wanted to say thank you again and again for what you have done for me, and my family!”


Having heard about the Akashic Records for a while, I had an intuitive feeling that it was time for a reading and I knew straight away that Tarra had to be the one to do it. Needless to say, she is an expert in this field having honed her skills through years of teaching and using the Akashic Records.

However, it was her calm and grounded but always loving disposition that convinced me she would deliver the messages with wisdom and compassion in a way that would invite hope and uplift as opposed to creating fear. I was right. Not only did she confirmed many suspicions I had about the challenges I faced in this lifetime, which in itself helped to release a lot of fears and guilt, but she was able to share actual information and guidance on what I needed to do to break some habitual patterns that no longer serve me.

I simply followed her advice and without much deliberate effort on my part, things started to shift in a positive way and I quickly saw improvements in the issues that were afflicting me. I am so grateful to Tarra for sharing her knowledge and providing me with practical solutions to my needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to heal and truly thrive on all levels. Thank you Tarra!

- Tiffany Wee