Basic Chakras.Advanced Chakras & Meditation

24 hr Basic & Advance Chakra Practitioner Course
With founder of the Akashic Light Academy

No prerequisite required.

This is a pre-requisite course for the Advance: Akashic Light Karma Balancing

Dates: 10th-12th January 2020
Time: 10am-6pm

Early Bird (Till 30 Nov 2019): $675

Regular Tuition: $875


In this 3 day course, we will delve into the chakras, and with the knowledge stories and practice, you will be able to understand yourself and those around you with more clarity.

You will also be able to apply what you learn here to your spiritual practice. The thorough understanding of the Chakras is an essential foundation for energy practitioners, teachers and light-workers alike.

This course also forms the grounding for Akashic Light Karma Balancing (Advanced Module)

Basic Chakras

  • Purpose of Chakras
  • Development of Chakras
  • Energy Anatomy of Chakras
  • 12 Basic Chakras- Theory
  • Placement & Purpose

Advanced Chakras

  • Purpose of Advanced Chakras
  • 12 Advanced Chakras - Theory
  • Placement & Purpose


  • Basic Meditation Techniques
  • Basic Chakra Meditation
  • Paired Practicum

Clearing & Awakening

  • Causes of energy blocks in chakras
  • Process for clearing chakra blockages
  • Emotional, Mental Conditions and related blocked chakras

Certificate will be awarded to participants who complete the full course.

"I was not expecting so much. I was wondering why 3 days were needed for chakras. Now, I know WHY!"

-Ema, Singapore

"I actually had no idea there were 12 primary chakras so that kind of blew my mind.Since I have started working on them through the meditations provided I’ve definitelyalready felt a shift. I’m happy to have a more sustainable way to help keep mychakras energized and clear as well because it’s something I’ve always known isimportant but felt all of the breathing exercises, crystals, etc while helpful were notvery practical for daily use."

- Meg, USA

"How we learnt to activate chakras and how to release unwanted energies back to Mother Earth. I enjoyed the hands-on sessions as we had a chance to sense the chakras and work with them with our classmates."

- K. Suselarani

"I could feel my chakras and energy after the sessions which makes me feel alot lighter. The meditations is very useful which I can apply to my well-being"

- Linnet

"I enjoyed the hands-on practice, and other student's openess to share their experiences. I felt safe with non judgemental, respectful environment where the different experiences also provided different perspectives. Comprehensive guide to charkas, delivered in an easy to understand way."

- Yuh Meei

"Love the meditations, and got to know about chakras that is not found on the web. My visualisation is more powerful now, and I got the hang of it! :-)"

- Cherine

"Extremely useful for daily practice. And to work on someone, using steps/structure that is easy to follow. I especially enjoyed awakening the 12 chakras! "

- Jane

"This course was extremely concise and informative, and I enjoyed the practical sessions as they were helpful in understanding where, how, when and what to do with the chakras in question."

- Deborah

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