FAQ for Healing Sessions

We frequently get asked these questions relating to Healing Sessions in the Akashic Records. ( CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED)

A: The Akashic Records is all around us. Think of it like a scribe or video recorder; while it captures the actions you make, it also contains information about your feelings, emotions and thoughts. You can also consider it to be like a library, or a data centre, where vital information about you and your past lives are stored.

A:An Akashic Reading is a personal choice to understand why an issue is coming up in your life, why vicious cycles keep looping, and how you can resolve it. Sometimes, the root of the problem may stem from a past life. Being able to access into the Akashic Records, to understand where the root of the problems really are, bring clarity and empowerment to clients and students.

A: You can ask question about your life. Questions that are constanly on your mind, that you can't seem to find an answer for yourself. They can range from questions about business or work, relationships, family members, your life lessons, your soul's purpose. They could also be questions about blockages that may be preventing you from leading the life you want to manifest.

The readings and the unique responses are meant for your empowerment, for you to live life fully. Questions that does not empower you, or feeds the Ego, will not be answered.

A: Clients have shared with us their initial fears, as they have encountered readers or readings where they were told frightening things. The answers you will receive are based on the questions you ask.

Tarra conducts the readings with love and compassion. All advice is delivered with love and kindness, will not hurt or scare in anyway.

A:A reading in the Akashic Records allows you to access your personal history, and get accurate information about the root cause of the trauma. An Akashic Reading can help alot of issues, including past life trauma, fears and old beliefs.

A:   The healing works in tandem with the reading, assisting you to clear past life traumas, fears, old beliefs.

A:Akashic Light Clearings & Activations are 'energetic instructions' used to clear away obstacles. This is done in the Akashic Records, so the shifts made are quick and permanent.

A: An Akashic Light Reading is 60 minutes in length, it comprises of both the reading and healing. First time clients will need to prepay for their reading, online or at Full Circle SG.

When you make a booking on-line, there is a booking calendar that you can schedule a time with Tarra.

You should prepare a list of questions that you have prior to coming for the reading.

A: No, these sessions are not religious, and you do not need to have a religion or belong to any religion to receive healing.

A: An Akashic Reading is a one time session. It is ideal if you have a burning question.

Honestly, Karma Balacing is for everyone. If you are constantly facing obstacles, feeling stuck or depressed, is a complete program which consisting of 4 sessions; each session focuses on different forms of Karma to systematically remove it.

If you are unsure which is more suitable for you, book a Reading first, but you must indicate that you are unsure when you start, so we can work with you from the onset to determine which is going to be better.

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