Online Programs

Akashic Light Online Ascension Program

This is a year-long program and it's open to all. The primary focus is on the ascension process and practices that will assist to prepare your 4 bodies to be cleansed and purified before light bodies reset the DNA to 12 strands.

Akashic Light Inner Circle

The Akashic Light Inner Circle is a membership program, that gives you access to channeled meditations which are recorded and uploaded into your membership dashboard, sharing from the Akashic Masters, resource of video and audio recordings including energy upgrades.

Akashic Light Meditations

Akashic Light Meditations are Meditations conducted in the Akashic Records. They are grouped by theme, and Akashic Light Clearings & Activations are used to dissolve old habits, negative patterns and beliefs, that may even stem from a past life. These guided meditations offer you a guided self practice, essential for those keen to prioritise inner work.

About the Founder

Tarra is the founder of the Akashic Light Academy.  

This is her focus, serving the community by teaching a method that is both empowering and comprehensive. This method is the sum of her lifes experiences and inner work, which she also employs to help her clients achieve amazing results.

She channeled the Akashic Light Sacred Prayer, to teach individuals, allowing a safe and efficient way to access their divine blueprint to find root causes of many life situations that are unconsciously being played out.  

For enquiries on collaboration and engagements, email Tarra here.

To connect with her, you can follow her on Instagram.