Practitioner Course 5: The Healer's Program

Pre-requisite: Courses 1-4 
Date: 5 days TBA
Time: 11-6pm
Tuition: $TBA

This level is for Healers. Ignite your healing abilities in this 5 day workshop. Learn everything that you need to know about energy, chakras and how to be a proficient and effective energy healer. 

By learning the Akashic Light Healing Technique, you will be able to bring balance and healing to yourself and others in healing sessions. You will also be taught the Karma Balancing Healing technique, and that will enable you to provide complete karma balancing for yourself and others. Over the course of the course, you will receive attunements and initiations into the Akashic Realms as an Energy Alchemic and Karma Balancing Practitioner. The Akashic Masters and Lords of Karma give their blessings as they energetically attune and initiate you. The knowledge and healing techniques you will learn is complete, allowing you to take your healing practice and service to others to the next level. Practitioners at this level may also opt to be fully certified as an Akashic Record Consultant with The Akashic Light Academy. Your services will be offered on this website.

Advanced Class Outline: 1. Chakras and Energy

  • Basic and Advanced Chakras- their properties, how to work with them in meditation, healing and manifestation.
  • Energizing your home or workspace
  • Lifting Negative Thoughts & Energy
  • Illuminating energy field, chakras and space

2. Universal Laws

  • Understanding the Universal Laws and how they create your current life circumstances

3. Enlightened Masters

  • Learn about The Enlightened Masters
  • How to work with Enlightened Masters
  • Connect to the Enlightened Masters
  • Blessings and Dispensations

4. The Light Body

  • Purpose of Our Light Body
  • Structure of the Light Body
  • How to Work with your Light body
  • Activation and Clearing of our Light Body

5. Crystals and Light Technology

  • Crystals and Chakras
  • Crystals for Healing
  • Healing Light and Power of Crystals
  • Color and Light Healing Properties

6. Energy Alchemic Healing Technique and Processes

7. Karma Balancing Technique and Processes 

8. Sacred Prayers for Divine Assistance

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