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Practitioner Directory

Kavita Devi

Kavita's journey on the spiritual path began as an adolescent, when she began exploring meditation, divination, and energy healing. She enjoys hiking, and is deeply connected to animals. She strives to bring clarity, serenity, and healing to all those who may be called to consult her.


Website: www.kavitadevi.sg

Readings can be conducted in: English, French

Samantha Klomp

Inspired by a reading & healing that changed the course of her life, Samantha became Tarra’s student, and now hopes to channel guidance & healing from our Masters and Guides for others. Aside from Akashic Record Reading & Healing sessions (online and in-person), Samantha combines her work within the Akasha with myofascial release and massage techniques as Akashic Light Bodywork to assist the body in releasing old patterns and blockages in Antwerp and Singapore.


Contact: +32 484 64 00 95
Email: padmetherapy@gmail.com
Website: www.padmetherapy.com

Readings can be conducted in: English, Dutch

Saras Krishna

My interest in pranic healing combined with Akashic Readings helps individuals heal on the physical level and find themselves on the spiritual level.


Contact: 9795 7737

Email: saikrsna9@yahoo.com.sg

Readings can be conducted in: English, Tamil

Jan Mouton

Jan Mouton is a coach, therapist and healer with a very broad scope. He integrates Akashic Light work in his healing practice in Brussels and around the world.


Email: jan.mouton@icloud.com
Website: www.janmouton.com
Phone: +32 474 840065

Readings can be conducted in: Dutch, French, English

Crystalz Ong

My passion is to connect people to their Guided Masters, Archangels, Teachers and Loved Ones. I use my gifts to bring healing, guidance and understanding to anyone who seek answers in their lives.


Email: akashiclightcrystalz@gmail.com
Website: www.crystalz.sg

Readings can be conducted in:English, Mandarin

Joey Tan

My journey with the Masters began in 2016, and I’ve experienced the most wonderful changes in life since. Change is inevitable, and I would like to help those who need guidance experience this positive change in a loving, gentle way.


Contact: 8488 5781

Readings can be conducted in: English

Gowrish Swaminathan

Gowrish works in an MNC full time and teaches Yoga on a freelance basis. He actively searches ways, including the use of the Akashic Records, to help his students improve their well-being.

Contact: 83216848
Email:  gowrish@live.com.sg

Readings can be conducted in: English, Tamil

Wim Van Caeyzeele

The Akashic clearing and activations are so powerful and I am so grateful to experience it myself and attended the training. Now I combine this work with breathwork (BBTRS), Reiki, NLP, Tantra (only men). Feel free to try and find healing, freedom, love I am based in Belgium, near Antwerp.


Contact: +32 485 60 83 35

Email: wim.vancaeyzeele@scarlet.be