Having heard about the Akashic Records for a while, I had an intuitive feeling that it was time for a reading and I knew straight away that Tarra had to be the one to do it. Needless to say, she is an expert in this field having honed her skills through years of teaching and using the Akashic Records. However, it was her calm and grounded but always loving disposition that convinced me she would deliver the messages with wisdom and compassion in a way that would invite hope and uplift as opposed to creating fear. I was right.

Not only did she confirmed many suspicions I had about the challenges I faced in this lifetime, which in itself helped to release a lot of fears and guilt, but she was able to share actual information and guidance on what I needed to do to break some habitual patterns that no longer serve me. I simply followed her advice and without much deliberate effort on my part, things started to shift in a positive way and I quickly saw improvements in the issues that were afflicting me.

I am so grateful to Tarra for sharing her knowledge and providing me with practical solutions to my needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to heal and truly thrive on all levels. Thank you Tarra!

- Tiffany Wee

In the new age circle often obsessed with misguided trends and fads, Tarra's body of work stands out, for it is a capsule of truth and timeless wisdom. I have been privileged to see the Akashic Records classes go through a few iterations over the years, and, it is evident to me that the thread of truth that runs through each line of Tarra's manuals and each piece of advice dispensed during class remains whole and unbroken. Tarra's grounded and direct approach with her students and clients has earned my trust and respect. She has no airs and her intrinsic connection to Source and sense of service are unquestionable.


Under Tarra's tutelage, I have begun to dismantle deep-seated fears and insecurities, and my personal spiritual practice, as well as my practice as an energy healer, have flourished. Most importantly, I have gained the confidence to be self-reliant and inward-looking in my personal development.

I am blessed and honoured to have Tarra as a teacher, guide, and mentor, and cannot recommend her highly enough.


-Kavita Devi

My first session with Tarra was for an Akashic Reading and Alchemy Healing. The insights she provided about my soul journey was truly transformational for me. It has helped to shift my consciousness and I have never been more contented, at peace and joyful of where I am and what I am presently.

Her compassion and sincerity towards her clients is truly authentic. Because of this, I signed up for her Akashic Records workshop which she led. She's an excellent facilitator and she guides the class with both the right amount of gentle support, whilst allowing space for self-empowerment. I am grateful for meeting Tarra on this journey as I am able to practise self-mastery with loving support and guidance from the Akashic Masters. Thank you Tarra!

-Jolene Zheng

I’m a practical thinker, as a result, I spent years ignoring my intuition. My Akashic Records found me at a time when I didn't even know I needed it. Having access to my Akashic Records opened my eyes and gave me positivity and purpose at a time I needed it the most. I’m not easily persuaded and can lack self conviction but with Tarra's teachings under the care of the Akashic Light Academy, my strength mentally, physically and spiritually continues to grow. Running activations daily to help explore my past, present and future is helping me become the person I want and always knew I could be.

- Megan Hallet

Tarra invokes a sense of calm in her sessions. She conveys messages in a neutral ( non judgemental) and loving way. The sessions are always restful for me, and often brought practical solutions. I most often also felt lighter after each session. Thank you Tarra.

- Grace Low

Many, many amazing things have happened to me since I started with the Akashic Light Clearings & Activations class and Akashic Light Karma Balancing class 2 years ago.


The first change I noticed was the improvement in my 'luck'. I was not one who would win a prize in lucky draws or even strike the lottery. In the few months between our Akashic Records. Akashic Light Clearings & Activations class and the Karma Balancing Course, I noticed the first change; my ‘luck' improved greatly – I won 6th prize in my company’s D&D, won a free treatment on an Instagram lucky draw and I struck my first ever TOTO with 3 digit winnings!


Fast forward 2 years, I feel that changes are still happening, as I continue running my activations & clearings daily. A while back, we were having some financial difficulties at home, then things took a turn. A client of my Dad's, someone who hasn’t contacted him in many years, reached out and arranged for him to check the Feng Shui of her house overseas. Shortly after, my mum was contacted by her ex-company for a contract position and they just extended her contract. I was looking for a new job and got an offer with an amazing package, which was more than what I asked for.


I also went for my first Ba Zi reading in about 1.5 years and this was what amazed me the most: Many things the reader said to me 1) no longer applied, or 2) whatever she saw/predicted will happen in future, had already happened! From my Ba Zi, the lady said that I was one who doesn’t have much ‘luck' in life. She said that even if I were to bet on lottery, I wouldn’t strike anything. She also said that I did not have career or mentor luck, but the experiences I’ve had has proven to me that running the activations & clearings DO work and they are just so easy to use! Running these clearings & activations are currently part of my daily activities and it takes less than a minute to run, I can do it while commuting to work, or while in the queue for lunch!


I also realize that there is a stronger connection when I have Akashic Readings with my clients, and they have also given me great feedback about the Clearings & Activations I use it on them as well.


I do hope my personal experience can help others see how powerful and useful these activations & clearings are.


- Joey

I want to share with others how the Akashic Light Clearings and Activations have quickly restored my range of hearing especially for music. I am now able to hear notes and their distances which means so much to me as I enjoy music and play the piano. This was the main issue I was having but I also noticed that my intuition is now sharper, and more accurate. At times, I will get strong feelings about what will happen, and shortly after it does. Thank you again!


I get horrible panic attacks to the point where I want to throw up, especially before an operation.


Before I had an operation last week, my BP went up to 170. I ran the Akashic Light Clearings & Activations for myself and before long, my BP came back down to normal.


This was so amazing and I became so relaxed, and felt like I was sleeping yet super aware too!

- Rati

I have regular (private) sessions with Tarra and she is guiding me through inner work. There are things that come up during the session that I have not been able to work through or see on my own. And I feel totally supported and empowered by the process, and being able to see for myself what's going on in my life and be able to work through it calmly and without being reactive or 'freaking out' about them. Through my sessions with Tarra, I have found that she is very accurate, and she is able to nail the root issue, and we can make progress from there. Her gift is her ability to break things down for me, which helps me make sense of it, in a very real way, without over simplifying it or making it out more than it is. It's like removing a veil. I wanted to say thank you again and again for what you have done for me, and my family!”

- Meg

My real inward journey started with a series of inevitable fractures. And usually when that happens, you have no choice but to humbly surrender and listen to what the universe has to say.

And just like that, the universe led me to Tarra.

I can still remember my first Akashic reading and healing session with Tarra because the energies she emanate was calm and compassionate. Her insights to the point and perceptive.

What had started out as a simple reading and healing session, eventually became a beautiful learning journey with Tarra on how to read the Akashic Records for myself and others.

I am deeply grateful and thank the universe for letting our paths crossed because even though I knew one of my gifts is to hold space for people, but I didn't know how and what it meant until I met Tarra.

Her greatest gift not only lies in her ability to empower with neutrality and kindness, but to hold space for people while they continue to journey within. And the universe just showed me how, through her.

Thank you Tarra.

- Nancy

"Through this course, and using the Akashic Records on a daily basis, I am able to really work on myself, I feel I have the freedom to 'let things go'. In the past, when 'things happen', I would be stressed, constantly dwelling on matters, and the emotions would be stirred all over the place. Now, I have greater clarity, inner peace, and the way I see the world is filled with more gratitude. and less expectation. I feel more keenly aware of my guides and they guide me, offer me insight which a friend can not, and it has opened up my world."

- Eunice Chia

"I've been going to Tarra for Akashic Record Readings every year for the past 3 years now, and I must say that she has never failed to shed light and to provide guidance no matter what I'm going through in my life. Her healing sessions are as profound and I am truly thankful for everything her sessions have done for me in my personal life.""I've been going to Tarra for Akashic Record Readings every year for the past 3 years now, and I must say that she has never failed to shed light and to provide guidance no matter what I'm going through in my life. Her healing sessions are as profound and I am truly thankful for everything her sessions have done for me in my personal life."

- Ian Lam

"Life has never been the same for me ever since my Introduction Course to the Akashic Records. It’s a whirlwind of continuous changes, even at the point of writing this message, and yet I have felt energised and very inspired.

From fostering better work & family relationships, buying my first car and finding my true love in life, these are just the highlights of the changes that are currently happening on the 'outside'.

Most importantly, the discovery of the deeper & greater self is the real treasure that I had never expected from this course. Immersed in the realms of Akasha, I now see that this lifetime is made of endless possibilities and wonders.

If you are reading this, you are perhaps, connected to how I always feel in life: To be a better version of the self, every day. To live Life to the fullest.

I invite you to join Tarra to uncover a lifetime of possibilities, with her Introductory Course to the Akashic Records. Come with an open mind and may you find for yourself what you have always been seeking."

- Ray O Light

They say you meet the right people at the right time. That’s what happened to me. I got to know Tarra when events in my life decided to take a different course. I learnt about her healing work with Reiki energies and Akashic Masters and was very curious and excited to meet her. I have always worked my way around obstacles in life with a positive note. However I was a little apprehensive about these healings as it was not only foreign to me but seemed too simple to make miracles. Having said that I still decided to give it a shot! I attended Tarra’s Reiki and Akashic reading classes and I must say that something huge shifted inside me. I started to see things in a new way and while it’s all still familiar, my perspectives have changed dramatically. The sessions helped to open up my heart and balance my mind. I now feel like I live in a whole new life. The energy that now courses through me is more magnified and far reaching. It has brought deep ease, calmness and wholeness into my life and has cleared many deeply seeded emotional wounds.

Reiki energy is very gentle but extremely powerful when you utilise it properly to allow the magic to unfold. I use the techniques taught by Tarra during her classes to clear discordant energy to become centred and be at peace with the Universe. Her compassion towards her students and clients were evident from the very first moment of contact with her. As she willingly shares her knowledge and techniques with her unbounded love and care, I embarked on an amazing journey to learn about myself and positively affect others. On top of the Reiki and Akashic reading classes she also conduct workshops with to explain on the benefits and usages of essential oils to release energy blockages that can occur in the body to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It does not end here. She runs a crystal shop carrying various type of beautiful crystals to cater to each individual needs. These crystals are of high quality and come from around the world and have the ability to subtly but profoundly change our energy, health and aura.

Thus to round it off Tarra guided me to a holistic approach to healing physically and emotionally on a daily basis to change my life for the better permanently. Like attracts like! Hence as a result more positive situations started flowing into my life. Therefore I take this opportunity to thank Tarra from the bottom of my heart for coming into my life at the right time!

- Turkha Devi

As Tarra mentioned in her website, having one's Akashic Records accessed is truly a sacred experience. It is not simply about receiving messages and guidance. The way the person you are consulting handles and explains this intimate information to you can make a huge difference to the quality of your experience and the lessons you need to learn from it. Tarra couples her skills with gentle honesty to deliver divine messages to you in a respectful manner. Her words are full of compassion and authenticity and this made it easier for me to process, internalise and make sense of my Akashic records.

This my first visit to Tarra, I sought for more clarity on my life purpose. By reading into my past lives, Tarra could pinpoint incredibly specific topics which helped explain patterns and tendencies in my current life. I feel more empowered and certain about what I now need to do.

- Emy Yeoh

I am conscious of the few life-turning moments I've had in my life so far, and my reading with Tarra was one of them. That reading has led to many spectacular changes in me and in my life.

Firstly, the knowledge that Tarra channelled, broke away the long-standing insecurity and doubt that I had over my own intuition, and secret envy I felt over other people who had the abilities of clairvoyance or moving energy/healing with their hands. Tarra revealed that my own abilities were no less than the others, just in a different form. Mine was the sense of knowing. After revealing many more things about myself and my past lives (and my life purpose), I came to learn that all those things I had felt for so long, were true and were my intuition/sense of knowing coming through – it was not stuff my mind was making up. This lead to a breakthrough in me being able to finally discern what was an intuitive knowing, and what was mind-talk. I was never able to trust myself before that.

Subsequently I decided to pursue reading the Akashic Records with Tarra and this modality has again changed me and my belief in myself. Besides now fully believing that I am able to channel information (as is everyone), and being of service to others, the Records have come in handy when I needed protection. I had some darkness attached to my solar plexus once and it was only after opening my Records that I felt it leave. It has provided comfort when I felt afraid, and has facilitated many other breakthroughs in challenges I am facing in life, thanks to the messages from the Akashic Masters.


I am immensely thankful for Tarra coming into my life (she has brought many other gifts to me) and highly, highly recommend anyone to see her for an Akashic Reading.

-Ruby Tan

"From young, I have always been interested to grow spiritually. I chanced upon courses that Tarra’s academy is offering – the Akashic Records course.Initially, it was bewildering to see images of my own past lives and I started to read for others as well to help them find out their life lessons.


As my soul evolved spiritually, I have since learnt that it does not matter whether one can see any visual images of the past at all.It is more for the soul’s learning to balance out and complete the planned lessons and soul purpose. During class, we are taught to equip ourselves with tools to activatethe potential of self-healing. We learnt to conduct the activations on ourselves to clear and declutter the soul to maintain a healthy state of emotional being.


More importantly, it is to empower ourselves with clarity and calmness for decision-making or to apply to daily life matters. It is a rare opportunity to find such courses locally andone often has to travel overseas to attend such specific courses. I thanked Tarra too, for being a great teacher and mentor in the healer’s program, guiding us - her students throughout thecases we have taken on for our learning to complete the entire program! Namaste Tarra"

-Geena Tan