Akashic Light Clearing & Activation Webinars

This is a (growing) library of Clearings & Activations that you can purchase and listen to and benefit from. These Clearings & Activations have been recorded by topic. Each recording contain a few Clearings & Activations that are produced by topic.

You can and should listen to these clearings and activations over again. Over time, the continual removal of stagnant energies, old patterns and beliefs, is akin to plucking out the roots of the weeds that we want gone. So we can start afresh, the activations will anchor in Light, which is so protective as we open up and truly expand ourselves, free to create a reflection of the world out there, that we have already created for ourselves on the inside.

If you would like to learn how to run these powerful Clearings & Activations for yourself, please check this schedule for the next class.

Recorded Webinars







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My gratitude to Tarra for the wonderful webinar sessions. It’s amazing how this works to calm the mind and open the heart. I feel a beautiful sense of peace whenever the webinars are played. It is also a blessing that they can be replayed as and when necessary, at my convenience. Each of the 3 sessions have been inspirational to me and I’m looking forward to more webinar sessions to come.


"I love the dissolution and activation. Listening to it on the recording, creates similar feelings in me, as when I saw you for a session!"


'Hi Tarra, I really liked the session. Thanks a lot. I was able to feel the energies in my own room. When I was connecting I was skeptical because there is a lot of disturbances at home. But once you started I knew it was going to be fine, could feel it.'

- Gowrish

'Tarra, thank you. I could feel your energy as soon as it started. It was great.'

- Joyce

The Akashic Light Academy