What is the Akashic Records?

Once only accessible by sages, wise men, royalty and chosen ones, the Akashic Records is now available to those who seek answers to the mysteries of the universe, past lives, their personal existence and evolution.

The Akashic Records, is a light realm and is the place where gods, goddesses, angels, archangels and light beings reside. Here our personal records of all our past lives, deeds, actions, relationships, vows and contracts that we have made will be stored here. Through retrieving sacred information about ourselves, we are able to make sense of situations in our life, find purpose and evolve on all levels. This is not a realm that we can perceive with our naked eye but only with our spiritual eyes, divine senses and an open heart, all of which, each and every one of us possess.

The Sacred Akashic Prayer is the tool and secret key to open and access your Akashic Records, your Blue Print and Soul’s Purpose.

When you recite the Sacred Akashic Prayer, you will be consciously transported to a divine realm where you get to meet and experience your spiritual guides, masters, angels, archangels and all other beings of the Light. This prayer is completely safe and ensures that you will only be able to connect to sacred beings and none other.

You will also be able to access your Akashic Records and your Spiritual Light Beings as often as you like. The more time that you spend with them the greater your connection to them and your true self will be. You will begin to experience profound healing physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually.

And there are so many ways you can use the Akashic Records in your professional life as well, for example:

  • You are a busy business owner who desires to connect more intimately with your business to understand its true purpose, and  how to take a specific project or your whole business to the next level of it's evolution;
  • You are in the creative industry who desires to dissolve the 'writer's block' that plagues us every once in a while. You will learn how to 'turn on your creative current' and let the ideas, visuals, and words flow when you step into the Akasha;
  • You are a fur-parent who desires to connect to  your pet- to eradicate behavioural issues, and communicate with your beloved pet;
  • You are an Empath, sensitive to energies and unknowingly taking on the energy of others, and not know how to discharge it. You intuitively know that you have a higher purpose, but are not able to see what it is, or where to start looking for answers. You will learn how to protect yourself, discharge those energies safely, and learn how to thrive as you seek out your own answers clearly.;
  • You are a Healer, a Channeller, or Psychic, who would like to develop your connection to and strengthen your abilities within the field of your work even more;
  • You are a practitioner of Chinese Metaphysics, who would like to connect with the spiritual and dynamic aspects of the charts you are interpreting, so that you are able to distill the essence of a reading, and deepen your personal and professional practice.