Activate Abundance

3 Session Bundle
75 mins each session
Each session we will work on both clearing out blocks and activating the flow of Abundance into your life. You will be also attuned to 3 Akashic Light Clearing & Activations: Fear, Peace, Abundance, which are energetic commands that you can continue to use after the sessions to ensure your success. The attunements and efficacy of the Akashic Light Clearing and Activations will last you a lifetime.


Outline of each session is listed below:


Session One
We will work together to address and clear fears from this lifetime that lead to unhappiness, blockages in attracting money and good opportunities.
Be attuned to Fear Akashic Light Clearing & Activation.


Session Two
We will work on letting go of limiting beliefs, vows, promises, old contracts  and past life trauma that prevent you from attracting abundance.
Be attuned to Peace Akashic Light Clearing & Activation.


Session Three
We will awaken your energy body to attract Abundance, Joy and Peace.
Be attuned to Abundance Akashic Light Clearing & Activation.


  • This bundle is only available for purchase starting mid-May and sessions to commence in June, July and August 2019
  • All sessions to completed within 2 months of purchase. 
  • Limited to 15 Activate Abundance Bundle Sessions only.
  • These sessions are conducted in person or over Skype


Once you complete your purchase and we will contact you within 3 working days to arrange for your first session with Tarra.