Addiction Dissolution Activation

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To prepare you for all the clearing & activations, Tarra  brings us into the Akashic Realm, so that the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and beings of Light are able to help us without distraction, and so that the clearing & activations can be made permanent. She also establishes a stable grounding, and sacred space for us to flush out fear and all patterns and vibrations that are uncontrollable to us or are controlling us. Addictions can be as obvious as the uncontrollable desire for violence to others and ourselves, sex, drugs, alcohol, food, exercise or as subtle as the constant need to always know what is happening; of wanting more and not being satisfied.


Hi Tarra - I love the dissolution and activation. I get a nice feeling on me same as last time you did for me ...

These clearing and activations should be repeated. Over time the energy you establish by removing whatever addictions you may have, becomes stronger ( the fear is less) thus creating deeper shifts within you. 

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