Akashic Light Academy: Intermediate Level

Pre-requsite: Foundation Level

Date: 26 & 27 August 2017 / 28 & 29 October 2017
Time: 11am-6pm
Tuition: $975

In the intermediate level, dive deeper into the Akashic Records and discover specific aspects or areas of your life that when left unchecked will begin to surface as obstacles and challenges that will seem very difficult and trying to resolve no matter how hard you try.

We look deeper into how Karma reacts in your life in both positive and negative ways and learn step by step methods on how to easily recognise and dissolve old karma for yourself. This allows you a much 'cleaner and wider' path for all good things to flow to you quickly and easily.

Be attuned to glyphs or healing symbols and learn how to use each of these four for personal healing, protection and ancestral healing.

Be introduced to advanced chakra points and their uses. We will also practice Purposeful Meditation, a guided meditation specifically to clear and allow the strengthening of our energy bodies as well as opening and development of advanced chakras.

What you will learn and receive:

  1. Understanding the 13 Aspects of your life and how to work with them to gain self-mastery;
  2. Work with the Akashic Masters to quickly and easily identify and balance Karma with Self and Others
  3. Experience deeper creativity within the Akashic Records; 
  4. Explore Past Lives to rediscover and reclaim gifts that will aid you in this lifetime to empower you on your soul path and soul purpose;
  5. How to perform Ancestral or Generational Healing within the Akashic Records for yourself;
  6. How to effectively retrieve fragmented soul parts and lost energies; 
  7. Healing Glyphs Energetic Attunement: Be attuned to 4 channeled healing glyphs. These glyphs enable you to perform personal karmic clearing, ancestral clearing, opens your divine heart, and provides protection against negative energies.
  8. Tarra channels personal messages or healing from the Akashic Masters for each participant.