The Reiki Academy: Chuden (Level 2)

Chuden (Level 2)

Pre-requsite: Shoden (Level 1)
Date: 6 & 7 January 2018
Time:  11am-5pm

In this level, you will learn how to heal persons, personal karmic baggage, situations and animals from afar. This is called absent or distance healing. Benefits of learning this, is to deepen your practice of Traditional Usui Reiki, teaching you the art of sending energy to a goal or situation and further open your energy system. Being able to send Reiki to anyone near and far, makes the sharing of Reiki easier and faster. Students are strongly encouraged to take Level 1 and Level 2. This workshop comes with a meditation and the Level 2 attunements.

Course Outline:
  • Review and sharing on Reiki Level One
  • Meditation and Attunements
  • 21 days Self Healing
  • Traditional Usui Reiki Symbols- Meanings and Functions
  • Guidelines and practice for drawing Reiki symbols
  • Use of symbols in distant and absent healing
  • Ways to use the symbols
  • Procedure to send distant healing
  • Ways to apply distant healing
  • Hand Positions for physical and emotional issues
  • Practical distant healing for distant healing on self and others
  • Various Treatment Methods